Laser Dentistry

What is the Solea dental laser?

The Solea laser is an FDA approved laser for use by dental professionals. The Solea laser works differently – and better – than any other dental laser. It uses CO2 on a 9.3 UM wavelength to literally vaporize tooth enamel (hard) or gum (soft) tissue! In essence, it replaces both the dental drill (for teeth) and the scalpel (for soft tissues) in one unit!

What are the advantages of laser dentistry for me, the patient?

The biggest advantage of the Solea laser is that the laser is firing so quickly that our brains don’t recognize it as pain, which means needles aren’t necessary!

Some patients report a feeling of cold in the area being treated, and discomfort can occur, but the majority of patients say that would prefer the laser rather than a needle of anesthesia!

You know that feeling you get when the dentist is using the drill on your tooth? It makes your jaw vibrate and can cause headaches? The Solea laser does away with that feeling! There is no physical contact between your tissue and the laser, so no drilling feeling OR noise!

The Solea laser also sterilizes as it works, meaning that there is a reduced chance of infection. This is an especially important feature for young babies who have just had a laser tongue tie correction.

Which procedures can you use the laser for?

We can use the Solea laser for same day crowns, fillings, tongue tie revisions, lip tie revisions, crown lengthening, and more! The combination of the Solea laser, our digital impression equipment, and our same day crowns make us the best dental office in Indianapolis for anxious patients. 

Does using the laser cost me more than the drill?

Nope! We do not charge any extra fees for using the laser, and insurance companies don’t alter their coverage either.

Is the Solea laser safe for kids?

Yes! The Solea laser is our tool of choice for children, as we can accomplish the same outcome that we could with the drill, but with no or less anesthesia, less trauma, and a better experience!

I am pregnant. Is the Solea laser safe for me and my baby?

Yes, it is! In fact, the Solea laser is better for both mother and baby, as it does not require anesthesia to be introduced into the mother’s system.

I have a newborn, and we are having trouble nursing. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Dr. Miller has specialized training the areas of tongue and lip ties, and we are able to correct them on anyone at any age. We use the Solea laser to remove extra tissue in areas of concern, and patients are able to eat, drink, speak, or breast/bottle feed immediately after! For more information about this procedure, please click here.

Is the Solea laser useful for hygienic or periodontal treatments?

Unfortunately, the Solea laser is used strictly for restorative treatments, and not hygiene or periodontal procedures. However, Renew Dental Arts does actively pursue new technologies and treatment options as they become available. 

To learn more about the Solea dental laser, please visit ilovesolea.com